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A look at how Phyn's web presence underwent a transformation with it's growing product family.

As a growing technology product company, we need to deepen our understanding of how we can synthesize and unite our mission into a meaningful brand experience, creating purpose our demographics can relate to.

What's the problem we're trying to solve?


International, Product Suite, E-commerce


Brand Narrative, Design System, Aesthetic

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Launching to a global market will involve hashing out a few different ideas around language options, content management, and assets.

Phyn Product Family

One of the main reasons we want to reimagine our website comes from the expansion of the Phyn Product Family. With so many un-named products coming down the pipeline, we have to tell a story that can connect with people on a personal level, informing but not over the top engineering talk. We really just needed a clean way of integrating new products, leaving room for the unknowns in our product roadmap.

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And then came the monies. Having partnered with Uponor, we were required to offer installation through Uponor for Phyn Plus. I figured it would be a useful exercise to entertain the idea of installation through the checkout process. Little did I know, Handy provided this through wayfair, which would we eventually test out down the road.

1.0 vs 2.0

The info arch of web version 1.0 would obviously need to change in version 2.0. We needed to rethink hierarchy. Whats our story. Why should people care. Through empathy? What about supporting new and existing users.

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Brand Narrative

Starting with the homepage... is there a way to create a compelling story from our narrative? What are the headaches and pain points that users have? Let's make the promise, show people how their lives will change for the better with our help. Structuring the content to have a short concise message.


Helping us defend our homes from leak damage, while providing light in the dark places of our home's water plumbing system. Phyn helps us identify problems, find solutions, and manage our water.

Phyn Web Design Process

Phyn Web Design Process

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